My name is Ian. For more than ten years, I worked as an External Organizer for progressive labor unions. I've won (and lost) a lot of campaigns.
My sense of effective communication is rooted in my decade-plus of boots-on-the-ground field organizing, connecting with normal working people and pushing them to form labor unions.
I am fascinated by the ways field organizing & media can support one another. In truth, it's the deepest reason Jolie Media exists. That, and I believe political media should be beautiful.
My life exists at the intersection of two worlds that are too often separate: progressive organizing & highly-produced media. It would be a privilege to have my team and I help you communicate what we must communicate to create a better world.
Jolie Media brings Hollywood to progressives.
We promote progressive politics by creating cinematic media for candidates & organizations throughout the Sacramento region.
Let's start a conversation.
Thank you!
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