Alana Matthews for Sacramento County District Attorney
Voice narration over b-roll. Connecting the candidate's personal story to the issue of abortion rights. I provided direction, production, cinematography, editing, and writing in this rapid-response to the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade. Shot & edited in 24 hours.
Caity Maple for Sacramento City Council
Talking head with b-roll. Positive, friendly, homey vibe. I provided direction, production, cinematography, and editing.
Jaclyn Moreno for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors
Talking head with b-roll. Complex & nuanced lighting set up. Went for a high-value, produced vibe. I provided direction, production, cinematography, and editing.
Then a short talking head, set outside in a public park. Here I also provided direction, production, cinematography, and editing.
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